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Poems by Princess Takamado
Poems by Princess Takamado
Kataoka, Shikō
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Since her “Karma of the Brush” exhibition at the Ring House Gallery in 1985, the master calligrapher Shikō Kataoka has had a long and mutually rewarding relationship with the University of Alberta. Though the first acquisition of her work was in 1986, the bulk of the calligraphy that comprises this collection was donated to the University in 2008, celebrating the opening of the new home of the Prince Takamado Japan Centre for Teaching and Research. Several of the works are dedicated to the poetry of the Prince and Princess Takamado.

Kataoka has described her work as “my calligraphic way, a heaven-given vocation,” dedicated to giving life to the art of the past in a living and meaningful present. This path is visibly evident in the presentation of her work, including her choice of subjects and perceptive and fresh execution.
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