Portrait and Perception (The Eugenics Dimension)
  • Object Name: painting
  • Artist: Supina III, Nick (Canadian)
  • Date Made: 2005
  • Related People: Muir, Leilani (subject of)
  • Accession No.: 2008.15.1
  • Description: "Leilani Muir stands in the foreground casting a large shadow on the administration building at the Michener Centre, also known as the Provincial Training School (PTS). At her feet... more »
  • Subject Terms: arm/arms raised, building - non-specific, car, girl, nurse, shadow, standing

Additional Information

Related People

Subject Of
Muir, Leilani (Canadian, 1944-2016)
Leilani Muir was sterilized as part of a eugenics program while institutionalized at the Provincial Training School for Mental Defectives in Red Deer, Alberta. In 1996, she filed and won the first lawsuit against the Alberta government for wrongful sterilization under the Sexual Sterilization Act of Alberta.

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