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Historical Objects Collection
Pathe Frese 28 mm. Film Projector, University of Alberta Art Collection
Much of the character of the University of Alberta can be discovered in the fascinating collection of objects that accompanies a century of growth, campus life, academic excellence and technological change.

Important individuals and noteworthy achievements are represented by the artifacts in the collection, including:
  • furnishings from early buildings;
  • student and staff memorabilia; and
  • machinery and scientific instruments.

History is alive, and acquisitions in the historical objects collection are ongoing. Collecting our current history is of particular significance as we celebrate our centenary on campus and look forward to our next 100 years.

Stay tuned in the future for search capabilities of the Historical Objects Collection.

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Analytical Balance
Analytical Balance
Circa 1930
Brass, steel, marble and wood
48.5 x 39 x 29 cm

With a black marble base and solid brass pans, this analytical balance illustrates the craftsmanship of design and construction of scientific instruments during the early 20th century. An essential tool in chemistry, the analytical balance is a used to determine the mass of an object by comparing known weights placed on the left-hand pan with the unknown sample placed on the right-hand pan.

From the earliest days of the University of Alberta, scientific instruments have been used for teaching and research. Various departments have recognized the value of these objects and have preserved them. Noteworthy instruments, replaced by new technologies, continue to be incorporated.
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